M4R to MP3 – Two Simple Ways to Convert M4R to MP3 for Free

Is it possible to play M4R ringtone file freely? Where can we get a solution to M4R support issue? 

In this year, Apple has released a series of new products, including iPhone X which also keeps many unique characteristics iPhone products have. For example, iPhone X only supports M4R ringtone. What is an M4R file? Generally, the .m4r extension is associated mainly with the Apple devices ringtone files. The maximum length of the ringtone is 40 seconds. You can buy and download ringtones from Apple App Store or other sharing sites, even make your own unique ringtones with the iPhone ringtone maker. However, sometimes you may encounter kinds of problems with this sort of file: You have download ringtones in M4R format but can’t put them on your android phone; your friend set you some ringtones recorded with his iPhone yet you don’t know how to change M4R to MP3; you have tried some M4R converters or .m4r to MP3 converter online service but none of them work.


Here comes the best free M4R file converter! It empowers you to convert an M4R files to MP3 with only three steps. Please download it and follow the guide to solve the problem of how to convert .m4r to .mp3.

Two Simple Ways to Convert M4R to MP3 for Free

First – Recommended Free M4R to MP3 Converter

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a versatile and comprehensive video & audio converter freeware which empowers you to convert M4R audio to MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and more other formats. Meanwhile, you can download and convert YouTube to ringtone with this program. It can also help you trim audio, remove audio, combine audio as well as separate audio from video.

Simple Guide on How to Convert M4R to MP3

Convert MR4 to MP3

Before start, please free download and install this M4R MP3 converterwhich is well compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, then launch it. You can go through the whole process of converting M4R files to MP3 with only 3 steps handily.

Step 1. Load M4R file you want to convert to MP3

Drag and drop the file which you want to convert to MP3 into the software or click “Add Files” to import.

Changing M4R to MP3 Android

Step 2. Click Output Format drop-down list, select MP3 profile under Audio Tab.

Tips: There is a wide range of formats and portable devices in the drop-down list. You can also choose other desired audio format here which means this converter also allows you to convert M4R to OGG, convert WAV to MP3, etc. Meanwhile, you can adjust audio parameters like changing channels, bit rate, sample rate, encoder, boost audio volume or disable audio by clicking Settings button as shown in the picture.

Start to Do This Conversion

Step 3. Click “Run” button for starting to convert from M4R to MP3

After all things are done, set the output folder and hit Run button to start the conversion.

Second – Convert M4R to MP3 Online with Free Tool

If you don’t want to get any M4R MP3 file converter downloaded and have a high-speed internet connection, free online conversion service is another method. You’ll find a plenty of online MP3 M4R converter service once you type related keywords in Google. However, there are some common defects and limitations of those tools which you need know.

1. Some sites allow you to convert M4R files but you can only upload limited amounts of files and the size of each file has been restricted as well.

2. There are few output formats for selection and some websites even can’t recognize M4R.

3. Poor output quality is a common defect of online converter.

4. I believe most people have the experience that you have to wait for a long time before the conversion finished with a good fast net connection. Let alone poor net condition.

Take all into consideration. It’s advisable to convert M4R to ringtone with the first solution via Free HD Video Converter. Besides M4R MP3 conversion, Free HD Video converter also provides the best method of making iPhone and android ringtone. I think you’ll totally surprised by its performance.

Warm Tips

Free HD Video Converter allows you to convert Apple ringtones to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. anytime and anywhere. Download it now to use M4R audio freely.



New Simple Tutorial on How to Download 4K Video from YouTube

How to download 4K video from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other sites? Here we introduce a useful simple tutorial for you.

Can’t believe 4K becomes so hot techy buzzword in just a few years. Since YouTube announced the support of 4K video several years ago, the amount of 4K Ultra HD videos which have been created and uploaded online, is growing at rapid pace. While 4K video is relatively new, it will become mainstream in the near future. Today I will focus on how to freely download 4K video or in other words, 4K movies download without quality loss.

The Free Easy YouTube 4K Video Downloader

To get 4k ultra HD video download for convenient playback, we need a professional tool to do the work. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is such an ideal free 4K video downloader. It’s completely free and easy to navigate. You can download 4K, UHD, 2016P,1080P, 720P, 480P videos and simultaneously convert 4K video to any video formats like AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, WEBM, VOB, MPG, Html 5 video, H.265 and VP9, etc if you want, and transfer them to almost all portable devices and TV sets compatible formats. Let’s learn how to download 4K movies from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other sites or download 4K video as you wish.

2160P Video Download – How to Download 4K Video from YouTube in Simple Steps

Download YouTube videos in 4K with three steps

Before start, please free download the software and install it on your PC.  Here I take how to download 4K videos from YouTube as an example.

Step 1. Click Download Video button

To download 4K video from YouTube, you need to copy the URL of the target video. Then click on Download Video button after launching the program.

Step 2. Copy the Video URL into the URL box and analyze it

Paste the video URL into the URL box and press Analyze button.

Step 3. Start to download 4K video

Soon the video URL will be analyzed successfully and all the video qualities (resolutions and file sizes) for the YouTube videos that you can download will be listed. Select 3,840X 2160 and hit Download button to download the YouTube video.

Download UHD video to Samsung TV

Step4 (Optional). Convert YouTube Videos to your 4K TV

After you finish your 4K videos download or 4k movies download task, you can directly choose an output device like UHD TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV, Curved 4K TV and any more for better watching experience with your family. Open the output format list on the right and select Samsung UHD TV, for example. Finally, click on Run on the right corner to convert the 4K videos.

Don’t know where to get enough 2160p movies download? Don’t worry, we also provide the best sites for 4k movies download. Just check this article to know more: Where to Download 4K Movies and the Best 4K Video Downloader

Extended Reading: What Does 4K Mean?

How to get 2160p movies free downloadHow to get 2160p movies free download

4K refers to high pixels density video. It has a minimum resolution of 3,840 pixels wide and 2,160 pixels high (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9), which makes it correspond to two 1080p screens in height and in length. 4K is much sharper as well more detailed than 1080P. So with the arrival of 4K, it’s time to get into more intimate viewing experience. Currently, there are four main resolution standard: standard definition (480P/540P) , high definition (720P), full high definition (1080P) and ultra high definition (2160P). You might think it wasn’t an easy task to get 2160P video download before. Indeed, most YouTube 4k video downloader online and offline can’t even handle 1080p videos downloads, let alone download 4k resolution video. But now you have found the powerful YouTube video downloader – Free HD Video Converter Factory.

How to Mute a Video in the Simplest Way?

Sometimes you just need to get rid of the sound in a video for different reasons yet those complex methods just keep you at bay. How to mute video sound with ease instead of spending much time learning how to use those professional video editors? Read this article and follow the steps below to deal with your videos.

Possible Reasons for Muting Videos

Probably you want to mute or remove audio in certain circumstances as follows:

How to Mute a Video Online and OfflineHow to Mute a Video Online and Offline

Q1: I made a video on a virtual world with Screencast-O-Matic. Accidentally, not knowing, I had my volume on, and when I previewed the video I heard my voice. I didn’t want my voice to be heard (Or to hear the keyboard tapping). How to mute audio in video completely, so no one can hear any background stuff AT ALL?

Q2: I have a few videos recorded in MP4 format and I want to know how to mute audio from video online so that there is no sound. Can I mute MP4 online? Or is there a program that will strip the sound out of a video?

Q3: I have a lot of background noise or crappy sound from the videos I just recorded. I want to know if there is any software I can use to mute my videos sound or background noise permanently.

Anyway, situations seem various, but to sum up all cases in one question: How to mute a video file permanently? Or in other words, how to make a video silent? To avoid the troubles you may meet when you mute video online, here’s the trick to mute audio in video using a safe & clean, handy and versatile video mute software – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Simple Guide on How to Mute a Video and Save It

And now follow the simple steps to find the best answer to how to mute the video. Then you can use and play your videos as you wish. It’s easy for all people. Only a few click, even new users can handle it with ease.

Mute audio From Video With 4 Steps

How Can I Mute a Video

Before start, please free download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro and install it on your Windows computer.

Step 1. Add the Video You Want to Mute

Open this video sound mute software; you’ll see a clean interface with all main features listing on the menu bar. Click “Add Files” to import the videos you want to mute audio or just a simple drag-and-drop. This program enables you to disable sound for all imported videos.

Note: downloading YouTube video is another main feature.

How to Make a Video Mute

Step 2: Choose Output Format

Open Output Format sidebar on the right, 300+ different video & audio formats and devices are right there for your choice. What’s more, it offers exclusive profiles for YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Vimeo, and HTML5. If you want to know how to mute a YouTube video, in other words, how to mute a video before sending to YouTube, you don’t need to know what’s the best specs for uploading video to YouTube. Just mute and convert them to YouTube friendly format with a simple click.

And if you don’t want to re-encode, just keep your original video format.

How to Delete Audio from Video

Step 3: Go Setting for Muting Videos

Now open settings window by clicking “Settings” button in the lower right corner. Drag the slider to the left next to the loudspeaker icon to 0%. Or simply click on the loudspeaker icon to make it a “Sound Off” mode so that you can mute MP4 video, AVI video and more at will. Then click OK and back to the main interface.

Tips: The default “Smart Fit” means WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro has already preset optimized settings for general users. For experienced user, you are allowed to adjust parameters here, such as change video resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, encoder and bitrate, etc.

Start to Mute Your Videos

Step 4: Click Run to Start the Task

Set your destination path and press Run button to start to batch mute audio in video.

Note: chances are that you will have an urgent demand for increasing audio volumewhen watching videos/movies or listening to music, you can also handle it with this program. Moreover, you can take advantage of its editing ability to add subtitles, join video files, rotate videos as well as add special video effect.

That’s the whole process about how to mute videos and how to easily disable audio with a few clicks.


Besides Muting Video, It Can Do More

You are able to get any videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other video sites, for example download 4K/8K video flexibly.

As its name implies, it supports converting and compressing 4K HD videos with the unique compression technology, which means reducing video size of your videos while keeping high quality is available.

Free Download Kids Movies: Happiness Embraces Children

2018 is a great year for animated movies, many popular cartoon movies like Incredibles 2, Peter Rabbit, Sherlock Gnomes and more have attached a large amount of children fans. And there is a vast of cartoon movies worth downloading. The article introduces the popular and best kids movies and show you how to download free kid movies easily

Kids Movies CollectionKids Movies Collection

Children are the focus of a family. Parents always do their utmost to build a better life including the material life and spiritual life. Offering your time with children is a way of showing love. Kids need time with parents and for example, watching cartoon movies with parents. In view that some parents do not always have the time to go cinema with children, download kids movies for offline playback is more convenient.

So, a question arises: How to download free cartoon movies for children? How to make kids movies free download? It only takes a few steps to perfectly solve the problem with Free HD Video Converter Factory. Follow this article to download kids movies easily and we also give you some warm tips on finding appropriate kids movies, which are listed on the latter part of the article.

Download Kids Movies with Detailed Steps

The Whole Process to Download Kids Movies

Before start, please free download and install Free HD Video Converter Factory first, then launch the software to download free cartoon movies for children.

Step 1. On the “Download Video” section, copy and paste the URL you copied from YouTube and other sites.

Step 2. Click “Analyze” and this program can automatically analyze the URL within a few seconds. Choose the movie format and quality after analyzed. Sometimes, because of the network speed, the URL may not be analyzed, just analyze once more.

Step 3. Finally, click the button “download” to start download kids movies free.

Tips: With this program, you can download kid movies freely. Besides downloading free cartoons movies for children, the software supports other fantastic functions. For example, it can add subtitles to kids movies and clip the movie to get the most appropriate fragments when you previewing.

Tips for Finding Appropriate Kids Movies

Today, there are more new kids’ movies choices than ever before, and many of these releases are more visually sophisticated, complex, witty, and lyrical enough to be entertaining for grown-ups (Wall-E, Finding Nemo, and the Toy Story series, to name just a few). Therefore, some tips for finding the most appropriate films will be introduced.

1. Read the Reviews

One way to sort through all the available new movies for kids is by reading reviews before hitting the movie theater or renting a film.

2. Talk to Other Parents

As with so many things, other parents are a great source for information about new kids’ movies. You can talk to other parents about which family movies are on their allowed lists and which kids movies downloaded on their computer.

3. Preview the Movie Yourself

Whenever possible, I preview a movie myself by fast-forwarding through the scenes. This can help you decide whether the entire movie is appropriate or not for your child. If not, you can simply skip over some scenes and let your child still see the movie.

I thought it would be the high time now to have a look at the upcoming animation movies of 2018.

Movie Distributed by Release Date
Hotel Transylvania 3 Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group on July 13, 2018
The Incredibles 2 Walt Disney Studios on June 15, 2018
Smallfoot Warner Bros on September 28, 2018
The Grinch 2018 Universal Pictures on November 9, 2018
Wreck-It Ralph 2 Walt Disney Pictures on November 21, 2018
Gigantic Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures November 21, 2018

I believe that you must control the rules for selecting kids movies after reading the tips. The next are the movie and music lists generally recommended and you can pick the children movies free download with Free HD Video Converter Factory.

Best Kids Movies List

Kids in different ages are with the different requirements to movies. Generally speaking, the movie list is classified by the age. For convenient playback, you can download kids movies on the YouTube or other websites, renting or buying DVDs.

Movie List is Classified by the AgeMovie List is Classified by the Age

Aged2-4: Children are able to talk and distinguish at this age. The best movies for them should be cartoon movies with colorful pictures, for example, Dora the explorer, Thomas & Friends, Shaun the Sheep. You can free download cartoon movies from YouTube.

Aged5-7: They are emotional and sensitive. Therefore, parents may choose the movies with positive attitudes, such as Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Kiki’s Delivery Service. Parents can download free kids movies like what I mentioned above.

Aged8-9: Kids might be rebellious during this period. Therefore, parents should prepare some movies with profound significance and let children pick up one they loved. The Adventures of Robin Hood and Brave are worth watching. Some free kids movies downloads supported on the YouTube or the Internet.

Aged10-12: They are about to enter adolescence and may become anxious and rebellious. So parents can select the funny, encouraging movies without violence, such as Home Alone, Cinderella, The Little Prince.

More Kids Music

Other than download free cartoon movies for children, this program can also serve as a music downloader. Music is another entertainment for children. There are a lot of songs are suitable to download, for example, Mighty Red Song, Let It Go, How Far I’ll Go and more. And these popular kids songs can also be free downloaded with HD Video Converter Factory. Just free download it to have a try.

How to Convert CAMPROJ to MP4 – for a Smooth Playback without Camtasia Studio

You may have problem when trying opening and playing CAMPROJ since it is not recognizable by Windows Media Player, VLC and other portable players you may often use. But don’t worry; this article is going to teach you how to convert CAMPROJ to MP4 along with other common video and audio formats for a smooth playback without Camtasia Studio.

How to Play A CAMPROJ File

Convert Camtasia's files to common formatsConvert Camtasia’s files to common formats

As you can see from its extension, CAMPROJ strictly, is not a format but a project file that is created by Camtasia Studio which means it is not able to be recognized by any common video players. In order to have a successful CAMPROJ playback, you will need to convert it to common formats at first, for example, MP4 and AVI.

Part 1

Download and Launch Camtasia Studio 8.0

Add your CAMPROJ file to the timelineAdd your CAMPROJ file to the timeline

1. Open “File”. In the drop-down list click on “Open project” and then double-click on the CAMPROJ file you want to convert and then move it onto the timeline.

2. Open “File again and click on “Produce and share”. Choose “Custom production settings” and click on “Next”. Then you will find several formats including converting CAMPROJ to AVI or MP4.

3. After having selected your desired formats, continue and preset output parameters for the video file and at last begin conversion.

However, after conversion, sometimes you have converted CAMPROJ file to MP4, the file doesn’t necessarily be opened yet probably for codec issues. You cannot still upload it to YouTube or play it on your phone. HD Video Converter Factory Pro, not only can help you change various video and audio formats, but also, it enables you to preset the optimal video parameters even for a single device or video-sharing website (Those CAMPROJ to MP4 converter online have no such functions) such as iPhone and YouTube for 100% successful video playback. The high video compression ratio and fast conversion speed of HD Video Converter Factory Pro is also a significant advantage you should never ignore.

How to Convert CAMPROJ File to MP4 – Free download the best CAMPROJ MP4 Converter

Convert CAMPROJ Files to Play Anytime Anywhere within 4Steps

Step 1

Download and launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Click on “Add Files” and double-click on the converted CAMPROJ file or directly drag it onto the interface with your cursor. Don’t forget presetting an output file location at the bottom.

Hint: Batch conversion is available as well.

Add files onto the interfaceAdd files onto the interface

Step 2

Open “Output Format” on the right side and find your desired section. For example, if you need a video which is compatible with YouTube, go to “Web” and choose “YouTube MP4” or WEBM which are specially designed for YouTube playback.

Choose a desired formatChoose a desired format

Step 3(for Advanced Users who want custom settings)

Before starting conversion, you can customize the output parameters. Click on “Settings” and then you will find various options of both videos and audios. You can change resolution and bit rate to improve output clarity, boost up frame rate to 60fps for smoother playback or adjust the aspect ratio to fit the screen. After finishing, click on “Ok” to continue.

Tips: You do not necessarily need to change your parameters which are only prepared for users who have special needs for video output quality.

Preset parameters for an output filePreset parameters for an output file

Step 4

Click on “Run” to start conversion. Wait only for several seconds before a 100MB file gets totally converted.

Start conversionStart conversion

How to Make a Beautiful Ringtone for Your Mobile Phone

More than a powerful video converter, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is also a wonderful ringtone maker. If you already have music sources on your computer, you can directly make it as a ringtone with HD Pro or you should use the built-in audio downloader to download source files first from YouTube or other websites.

How to make a ringtoneHow to make a ringtone

1. Click on “Ringtone Studio”. Choose between the 2 operating system – IOS and Android for your mobile phone.

2. Choose “Phone Ringtone” or “SMS Ringtone” and then click on “Add File” and double-click an audio or a video file from which you want to extract a segment of ringtone.

3. Move the two sliders to locate the segment which is going to be the ringtone.

4. Click on “Save” and choose an output file location.

SaveFrom Net Alternative – Enable You to Download Online Videos Easily and Safely

If you have met many problems on downloading online videos via savefrom net, or you are hesitating to download videos from this site for the safety problem, why not choose the best savefrom net alternative that can help you download online videos easily and safely.

The Limits and Problems You Frequently Meet on Savefrom Net

Savefrom.net is a website that is able to download online videos fast. It supports to download videos from 40+ sites, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. Although it can do a relatively great job in online video downloading, some people still have concerns about it for the following limits or problems:

1. Savefrom converter can download some HD videos while there’s no sound. Let’s take YouTube as an example, you are allowed to download a 1080P video in MP4 without audio.

2. The video downloading process may be interrupted suddenly for unknown reasons.

3. Besides, there are many ads on the official site which can mislead you to download unwanted payware or potentially dangerous software.

4. To make savefrom net helper script workable, you need to add an extension, named Tampermonkey, to your Chrome.

5. Or you have installed the savefrom net helper on your browser while it won’t show up even you have restarted the browser.

6. Some of you are afraid that there might be a savefrom net virus or a savefrom net malware on the site. You may wonder is savefrom net safe or is savefrom net helper safe.

Take Savefrom Net Alternative to Avoid Downloading Problems

If you have suffered a lot from downloading online videos via savefrom.net, why not choose one savefrom net alternative. And Free HD Video Converter Factory outshines other online video downloaders. First of all, it is a freeware and there’s no malware, adware or plugin. With this program, getting 1080P video download and even 4K video download will be a piece of cake. And there are the original audios in the HD downloaded videos. Furthermore, this HD video downloader supports batch downloading and it is capable of downloading online videos from 300+ sites.

The whole downloading process is quite simple and please follow my steps to do it.

Download Online Videos within Three Steps

Step 1

Open this program and hit the “Download Video” button. Then copy and paste the video’s URL to the “Add URL” part.

Add URL to This DownloaderAdd URL to This Downloader

Step 2

Click “Analyze”. When the analysis is over, choose one wanted format and resolution to download this video. It is clear that this software can download HD videos even you are allowed to download 8K videos.

Choose One Wanted Format/ Resolution Choose One Wanted Format/ Resolution

Step 3

Press the “Download” icon. Here you can deal with batch downloading. After downloaded, you can find your downloaded videos in the output folder.

Download Online Video in BatchesDownload Online Video in Batches

Other Remarkable Features of This HD Online Video Downloader

Besides downloading online videos, Free HD Video Converter Factory is also a professional video converter and video editor. It can convert videos to 300+ formats and devices effortlessly. For example, you can convert MP4 to DivXASF to AVI, video to Android, FLAC to iPhone and more. Therefore, once you have downloaded your favorite online videos, you can transfer them to your portable devices to enjoy them freely. As for the video editing, you are allowed to cut video clips, split video, merge video files and add special effects to videos. What’s more, you can change video resolution, reduce video size, change aspect ratio and so forth via this program.

Extra Information on How to Use Savefrom Net

The methods of downloading online videos via savefrom.net are as follow:

Online Video Downloading Methods of Savefrom.netOnline Video Downloading Methods of Savefrom.net

1. Download online video via its official site: copy and paste the video’s URL into the downloading bar of Savefrom.net, then savefrom video downloader will automatically download the video after you have selected one format and resolution it provides.

2. Use savefrom net helper. This is a kind of software that serves as an add-on to the browser. Once you have successfully installed it, you can find a download icon on the video page of YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other supported sites. Then click the icon to choose one format and resolution for video downloading.

Compared with the above two methods, downloading online videos via Free HD Video Converter Factory would be easier and more convenient. If you have other online video downloading problems, you are welcomed to join us in the discussion below.

Change Video Resolution for Playback Smoothly on Any Devices

Sometimes you need to change video resolution so that the video file can be compatible with various devices, for smaller video size and other purposes. This article provides the best simple solution with a video resolution converter:

Why Do You Need to Change Video Resolution?

In daily life, you can acquire HD even 4K videos downloaded from web, recorded with camcorder or produced by nonlinear editing software. But It doesn’t mean higher resolution gives people better experience, you may have to change videos resolution to cater to respective specs for various devices. You know, some devices only support specific video resolution for normal playback. For better visual experience and compatibility, you are supposed to know how to increase video resolution or reduce video resolution with a video resolution changer. Before we go deeply into learning how to change the resolution of a video, let’s take a brief look at the 3 main types of video resolution at present.

3 Main Types of Video Resolution Nowadays

Video resolution is usually displayed as width x height, with the value given in pixels. For example, “1280×720” means the width is 1280 pixels and the height is 720 pixels. The higher the resolution, the sharper the video displays on a much larger screen, and the larger the file size will be.

Main Video ResolutionMain Video Resolution

* Standard Definition (SD): The standard resolutions are 640×360 or 720×480 for video, and 720×480 or 720×576 for DVD.

* High Definition (HD): The most popular HD video refers to a resolution of 1280×720 (720P) or 1920×1080 (1080P, aka Full HD).

* 4K (UHD): 4K video is a newly-emerging resolution standard for Ultra High Definition in 3840×2160 (2160P). With no doubt, it will become the mainstream standard in the near future.

How to Change Video Resolution without Sacrificing Quality?

To solve this problem, you can easily change resolution of video files with some professional video resolution editor software. Here I recommend this video resolution changer – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It has great performance on changing video resolutions from low to high, vice versa. Download and install this video resolution converter software on your PC, and follow the simple step-by-step guide about how to convert video resolution below.

How to Change Video Resolution with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Add or Download Video Files

Before start, please free download the video resolution changer and install it on PC.

Step 1. Import the files into the video resolution converter

Click “Add File” to select files or drag your videos into this software directly.  The batch mode allows to convert at most10 files at the same time.

Select Format as You Wish

Step 2. Select a desired output format

Before you change video resolution, you need choose an output format. Click on the “Output Format” part on the right. The output menu will expand out and you’re able to convert files to 300+ optimized formats and devices. Select any format as you wish.

Change Resolution for Video Files

Step 3. Decrease/increase video resolution in three options

There are three options on how to change resolution of video. you can go to the output format window and choose the desired 4k/HD resolution if you wish to convert low resolution video to high resolution, vice versa; under output format part, you can drag the slider to change video resolution intuitively; or click on the “Setting” button and choose the fixed value in the drop-down list of Resolution or customize your desired value directly. Click OK after done.

Start the Process after Done

Step 4. Click “Run” to start the process

Set output file path and hit “Run” button to upscale video resolution or downscale video resolution to reduce video size or for compatibility .